Fireworks In My Head

My neighbors left their 11 and 12 year old sons unsupervised to do their fireworks the past few nights. The following mornings, there were heaps of trash in front of their driveway, which was cleaned up at some point during the day. But what wasn't … [Read more]

What Do I Do With My Frustration???

My list of items to do today consists of mainly computer work I have been procrastinating on. I normally don't procrastinate on things unless I have a reason to do so. To summarize my reason for procrastinating on my computer work:  I don't … [Read more]

The Holidays: License To Eat?

In a conversation a few weeks ago, a woman with a handful of christmas cookies said to me, "I don't care what I eat until January 1st!" Although she has been overweight for the 4 years I have known her, she claims that she is a vegetarian and that … [Read more]

Drama Queen

A big reason I used to overindulge in anything was because I was all worked-up about something. I was bugged, frustrated or disturbed about something I had no control over. In fact, I would work myself up into a frenzy about something menial, just … [Read more]

Holiday “Food For Thought”

How many of us can say we have lost weight, only to put it back on sometime later? Could our struggle with maintaining a healthy weight be more about permanently changing our lifestyles, rather than simply losing weight?Why are some just blowing off … [Read more]

To Vegan Or Not To Vegan?

     I have never felt it was my place to dictate what someone else should eat or not eat - so I don't! True freedom of choice comes from the inside, not the outside. If someone guilt-trips me for eating chicken and beef, I may change … [Read more]


Nah, I don't struggle with this. What I struggle with is the fear that I'm not pretty, smart, successful or thin enough.Well, isn't that perfectionism? Where nothing is ever good enough? On the other hand, when I am plagued by these feelings, I … [Read more]

Return Home from Trip

This is the first post to the new blog, "Eating Problem Living Problem". Let's discuss our experiences with eating habits we don't like, and explore possible reasons why we go there. then, let's explore solutions to becoming who we really want to be! … [Read more]

Changing Routines

Wow, the Summer is in full force here! Were you prepared for this???We were out of town the first week, so I didn't really notice anything. My daughter was in camp all last week and ditto with not noticing. However, this week is different. She is … [Read more]