Behavioral Triggers

Behavioral triggers are behaviors that cause and encourage unconscious eating. Unconscious eating is eating without realizing how much is being consumed. Behavioral triggers involve the act of eating with a specific kind of activity simultaneously. … [Read more]

Situational Triggers

Some foods may not be triggers, but the impulse to overeat or binge may be a result of a situation in one’s life that occurs periodically. For example, a situational trigger can be work-related, where one has a regular meeting that causes stress. It … [Read more]

Substance Triggers

Have you ever eaten something that caused you to crave more of the same at a later time? Do you have a certain food item (some people call it their "poison") that you go to when you choose to indulge? Is there a specific food item in your life that … [Read more]

What Are Your “Triggers”?

First, let me define "trigger", for those of you who may not know… A trigger is any person, place, thing, situation - or food, that has a tendency to cause one to overeat. Common trigger substances are sugar and white flour. These substances … [Read more]

If You Are Tempted To Overeat

If you are tempted to overeat, LEAVE THE KITCHEN! Simply get out of the kitchen or leave the  house if the temptation is too great. And whatever you do, don't go back in the kitchen for at least 30 minutes!You can also do physical exercise, or … [Read more]

Be More Socially Interactive! Part 2

Isolation and overeating are brothers.Reaching out to other people can be hard, especially to those who have gotten comfort in isolation with food. Being more socially interactive is one action that counters isolation. When one takes initiative to … [Read more]

Be More Socially Interactive!

I am sure everyone has gotten used to writing 2014 now! Upping the year in our written documents is a habit that must change at the beginning of each year. But how about other habits? How about those new years resolutions? I have an idea!!!If I were … [Read more]

Controlling My Thinking

I learned something a while back I want to share with you… I started to pay attention to my thoughts and what was going through my head. I did this to become more aware of when I was thinking negatively. What I found was that there were two scenarios … [Read more]