Controlling My Thinking

I learned something a while back I want to share with you… I started to pay attention to my thoughts and what was going through my head. I did this to become more aware of when I was thinking negatively. What I found was that there were two scenarios that would cause my mind to spin out of control:

1. Some circumstance out of my control would happen (an unexpected bill, an expected bill, a medical issue, a disruptive child, an inconsiderate driver, etc., etc…) and it would set off a chain reaction of thought in my head and affect me for some time thereafter; or
2. I would wake up with a negative mindset (due to hormones, waking up on the wrong side of bed, and who knows what else) and be unable to shake it off.
Needless to say, I lived in negativity: MARINATED in it. Negative was comfortable. I was so used to it! One day a dear friend asked me, “Annette, how much positivity can you handle at one time?” This question stunned me. I had no idea, but I was intrigued and determined to find out! This question inspired me to look to higher ground. It was at this point that I really began to tune in to what was going on upstairs and begin to take control of my mind.
Once I decided to pay attention to my mindset, I became aware of how I was plagued and driven by negative thoughts. Now, I want to take a moment and ask you the question, “Why do you think I didn’t pay attention to my thoughts before?”
Thank you for asking! I am happy to tell you that I never even considered the possibility that I might have an inkling of control over my own thoughts! In fact, I truly thought I was powerless over my mind, my feelings and my thoughts. I concluded for many years that I was doomed because of my mindset: and I was, for “as a man thinketh, so is he”.
Happily, over time this all changed. I became aware of what was happening inside me and believed that I did, in fact, have control over my mind and my thoughts, that I have control over what I focus on and what I choose to NOT focus on.
Don’t wait to do this! Your whole life will change as a result of your doing this one thing: taking control of your own mind!!!

Holiday “Food For Thought”

How many of us can say we have lost weight, only to put it back on sometime later? Could our struggle with maintaining a healthy weight be more about permanently changing our lifestyles, rather than simply losing weight?

Why are some just blowing off the rest of 2013 when it comes to their food? What drudgery that must be, to endure the rest of the beautiful holiday season, only looking forward to the new year. What are we missing by focusing on the future, rather than living in today? What a waste!

When it comes to our behavior surrounding food, we begin to feel better and gain self-esteem by doing esteem-able acts. Doing esteem-able acts makes us feel good about ourselves. And when we feel good about ourselves, we want to treat ourselves better. When we treat ourselves better, we want to take better care of ourselves. It’s a cycle that feeds on itself.

For some of us, food has been a reward, a treat, or a way to “take our comfort”. Perhaps the way some of us who see overeating this way may change their thinking. Perhaps this way of eating will come to be a form of punishment, rather than a treat.

Make a decision today, right now, that you will be moderate with your consumption of all foods, even healthy foods. Stay away from those things that make you crave more. Finally, create in your mind a short affirmation, such as, “I am always temperate with my food”, and repeat this statement hundreds of times a day. You will find that you will begin to obey that statement without effort and your dreams of being free from the bondage of food will become a reality.

Return Home from Trip

This is the first post to the new blog, “Eating Problem Living Problem”. Let’s discuss our experiences with eating habits we don’t like, and explore possible reasons why we go there. then, let’s explore solutions to becoming who we really want to be! I’ll go first….

So we returned from a week-long trip yesterday. Trips always mess me up food-wise, since I eat weird food in restaurants almost daily when I’m out of town. So someone says, “Why don’t you just order a dry-grilled chicken breast and have a salad with lemon juice?” My response to that is, “Are you kidding? I mean, who really does that? I’ve never done that even in my skinniest days! Speak my language!”

Why go to a restaurant if I’m going to get something bland? And don’t start talking about cooking, either. I’m not a cook, I don’t cook, and the more I cook, the more I eat. In fact, I’m not the slightest bit interested in culinary stuff. And regarding the restaurant thing, I will neither bring my dressing in to a restaurant, nor will I ask a waiter for baked chips.

I enjoy eating. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t! My goal here is to develop the healthiest relationship with food as possible, free from any preoccupation with food – and still enjoy having a slender, healthy and fit physique.

Anyway, back to the topic. So today, I’m still messed up – specifically, I’m still craving food I don’t want to eat, because of how I ate last week. It’s unrealistic for me to think that my eating will always be consistent, so I’m going to have to learn how to deal with these ebbs and flows.

I attempted to regain traction with the food today. I did okay, but my food still wasn’t perfect. I’m just going to have to be okay with that. I mean, it didn’t take me a day to get all messed up, so it may take me more than a day to get back to EATING CLEAN!

Eating Clean

Today was a normal day in all respects. I had a work out, had normal activities and there wasn’t anything particularly stressful about the day. I allowed enough time to get from one place to another – that has been a big stressor for me in the past – so today, I didn’t get stressed about being late.

One thing I did do today that I don’t normally do is this: If I had an unpleasant task, I didn’t shove it aside for later; I did it immediately and got it off my desk, deleted it, filed it or passed it on to the next appropriate party. Sometimes when I allow stuff that I don’t want to do to pile up on my desk, I start to feel overwhelmed and powerless and frustrated. When I feel these emotions, I want to escape. And where do I tend to go to escape from these feelings? EATING and FOOD!

So all this talk about stressors and emotions is leading me to the topic of eating clean. Because if I can manage these stressors and emotions in my life, I’ll have a much better handle of eating well in all respects: I’ll make healthier food choices and my eating behavior will be more “normal”.  And by “normal”, I mean normal portions, slowing down my chewing instead of inhaling my food, not taking the whole bag of something and mindlessly doing the “hand-to-bag, hand-to-mouth, repeat” behavior.

I want to feel good today! And my behavior with the food plays a big part in how I feel. So I have to be careful how I eat if I want to feel good about me. Eating clean isn’t just a matter of what I eat; it is also how I am eating.

One thing I do more than I care to admit is eating large portions of healthy food. But even then, I have to ask myself, “Why am I eating more than I really need, even if it’s healthy?” If it’s not true, physical hunger, there’s always a reason. I can no longer be in denial and say it’s a mere habit. If I really want change in my life, I’m going to have to get honest with myself and step away from the kitchen. THEN, the feelings come up. THEN, I have a clue as to what is “eating me”. THEN, I have a chance to change my behavior: Permanently!!