About Annette and Janettecs

Annette Radvansky is a Health and Wellness Coach since 1994. She has certifications through NASM-­-CPT, PES, SFS and AFPA-­-Certified Wellness and Nutrition Consultant. She has competed in 11 fitness/figure competitions across the USA and is the author of What’s Your Formula? Find Your Unique Path Toward Weight Loss And A Lifetime Of Weight Maintenance (available on Amazon Kindle).

Jannettecs Health and Wellness Coaching is available to help you:

Gain structure and sanity to your eating habits, enjoy your workouts in a private setting, receive coaching on how to balance your workload with your personal life, get up-to-date information on nutrition labels, enabling you to buy the best foods for your health, and benefit from the counsel of one who has struggled with eating issues and has succeeded.

Annette coaches clients who value performance and results – serving the needs of diverse clientele including, but not limited to, busy professionals who want to stay competitive in the work environment, seniors up to 103 years of age seeking to maintain functional independence, and emotional eaters seeking weight loss and a more balanced lifestyle.