Make A Mental Shift

Fire sprinkler control systemWe were going to have our first freeze a few nights ago, so before dark that night, I moved all of my potted plants into the garage. Afterwards, I got my jammies on and relaxed.

Long after dark, I realized that I failed to winterize the irrigation system. (Now, if any of you have failed to winterize you irrigation system before a freeze, you know that you don’t want to let THAT happen again.When that happened to us, we were out of town. The water froze in the pipes, and once the temperature rose, the water melted and spewed everywhere onto my neighbor’s property. Thank goodness my kind neighbor turned off our main water supply). So that night I grumbled about what I had to do. I changed my clothes, got a flashlight and a screwdriver and marched outside in the cold. I shut the valve to the water flow and drained the water sitting idly in the pipes.  Finally, my yard was truly prepared for the freeze to come.

Lately, I have been frustrated because things haven’t been going my way, or they haven’t been “going” at all. I feel stuck, and nothing I do and no action I take seems to get me unstuck. So I realized the other morning that I needed to winterize the irrigation system in my head.  I needed to stop trying so hard with action and make a real shift in my thinking instead.  I needed to relax with the knowledge that I have done all that I can do for the moment and I needed to let things develop. And once I decided to shut the valve of frustration off, the the valve of inspiration automatically turned on and flowed. I had new ideas and a new attitude almost immediately after making that mental shift.

Do you have an ongoing struggling with something and nothing seems to happen? Have you been push, push, pushing and what you are pushing against seems to get more stubborn? Then make a mental shift today. Winterize that irrigation system in your head by shutting the negative valve off: just shut it down. Once you decide to discipline your mind and keep it up, you will have new energy flowing in to you.