Alcohol: All Or Nothing vs. Moderation: Part One

I think I’ve had a lifetime supply of alcohol. I had my drinking days and my party days. I had my share of hangovers. I decided to quit completely because it was easier for me to not drink at all instead of trying to moderate. Well honestly, I couldn’t moderate: I tried! And when I tried to moderate, I usually blew it and drank more than ever before.

I don’t really understand why, but I have heard that approximately 10% of the population has an allergy toward alcohol. What this means is that when any alcohol is consumed, it creates an irresistible craving for more. I can definitely say that this was true for me.

I went from drinking alcohol to not drinking alcohol at all: cold turkey. No tapering off for me. And it was tough. I went through a sort of psychological withdrawal.  I didn’t stop drinking to lose weight. I didn’t go “on the wagon”, only to return at a later date. I changed my lifestyle for my personal well-being, and for no other reason. But I will say that I am leaner as a result of abstaining from alcohol.

Most people are probably A-OK with drinking every now and then, and some will be okay with drinking many days a week. Only the individual can say whether he or she has a problem with alcohol, and then take the actions necessary to stop.

Why “take the actions necessary to stop?” Why not just stop? This my friends, is the difference between someone who couldn’t care less if alcohol existed and someone who really wants  (needs?) it most days. For the latter, in order to stop, it will probably take a little more effort than just “not drinking”.

Alcohol can be deceiving. Someone can have a problem with it and not want to admit it. But not admitting one’s problem will only make it worse.

Next post, I will discuss the physiological effects of alcohol and how alcohol can thwart your goals in weight loss.