Luncheon Meats Versus Natural Meats

I’ve never known someone who successfully lost weight eating luncheon meats. Anyone I know of who has had success in weight loss has done so eating natural, unprocessed meats. Why is this?

Sure, those luncheon meats are convenient. They taste good, too, and you don’t have to prepare them. But what we get in convenience and taste, we compromise in nutrition and health:

1. Sodium: processed meats are high in sodium to prolong shelf life. High sodium can wreak havoc on someone trying to lose weight or lower their blood pressure.

2. Nitrates: saltpeter and a hormone disruptor. This additive has been blamed for early menstruation in young women.

3. Nitrites: cancer-causing. With all the talk about how to eat to prevent cancer, how many of us are still eating these cancer-causing foods because they taste good?

4. Fat: believe it or not, some processed turkey can have more fat (as a percentage of calories) than some red meats! Unless it says “turkey breast”, it probably isn’t 100% turkey breast. And if it isn’t, it is probably a pressed turkey made from lower quality turkey parts and skin.

Check labels. Read ingredients. Know what you are putting into your body. And if you are in a deli and don’t have access to the label, it might be a good idea to do a u-turn!

I ate soy “meats” for years when I was a vegetarian. I never could understand why I had a harder time dropping body fat while eating these processed meats. Now I know, so I hope you learn from my mistakes!!