Volunteering Creates a Positive Mental Attitude!

Most of the time, I am pretty outgoing and willing to go the extra mile, volunteer and take on new tasks. Life is good and I’m on track.

But there have been times I have gotten so self-absorbed that I haven’t felt like reaching out or doing anything for anyone. That sounds pretty selfish, doesn’t it? But here’s what I have done to fix that: I’ve set a regular schedule with certain volunteer activities. I am accountable to others to do this work and I will get sent my “assignment”, so this one thing holds me to doing the volunteering, whether I feel like it or not. Or, I have a specific time each week that I go somewhere to volunteer, and people are expecting me.

A funny thing happens when I do the thing I know I should do, which is often the thing I do not want to do: I feel better! Holding myself accountable to this volunteering takes me out of myself and keeps me on the track I want to be on, because I am a better person for doing it. And this feels good.

What kinds of volunteering get you out of yourself the most? The least?

The community newspaper and public library are great ways to learn about volunteer activities in one’s area, but these possibilities are endless! If you haven’t done so yet, get out there and commit to doing one small thing every week, where you are accountable to an organization for your volunteer work. That way, you won’t have to learn the hard way, like I did!