Be More Socially Interactive! Part 2

Isolation and overeating are brothers.

Reaching out to other people can be hard, especially to those who have gotten comfort in isolation with food. Being more socially interactive is one action that counters isolation. When one takes initiative to get out of isolation and be more social, the desire for that extra food may naturally disappear. On the other hand, if one sets out to indulge less often, this creates a vacuum. Since nature abhors a vacuum, something must replace that which was removed. If nothing replaces the habit of overindulging, guess what? The person won’t change and will eventually return to his or her old habits of overeating. Decide now what you will replace that bad habit with, and go to it! Don’t delay!

Social clubs of all types are everywhere. There are organized “meet-up” groups on the web, where people hook up on-line with common interests, then go out and actually meet with these people and do fun things, such as participating in book clubs, hiking clubs, mothers who do lunch clubs – the list is endless! Churches and the community newspaper can also be a great resource once one decides to be more socially interactive.

So is the hard part for us “deciding” and then “acting” upon our decision? I know I have had the best of intentions with certain ideals that never got off the ground. Let’s pick one thing today that we will do different, and see how that effects our mindset!