Be More Socially Interactive!

I am sure everyone has gotten used to writing 2014 now! Upping the year in our written documents is a habit that must change at the beginning of each year. But how about other habits? How about those new years resolutions? I have an idea!!!

If I were to take a poll, I would be willing to bet that if there were 2 possible new year’s resolutions, such as…

1. Become more active with social media, get more comfortable with many types of social media


2. Spend more time face to face with friends and loved ones,

That #1 would win as the resolution of choice.

Which is it for you? I, personally, am all over #1. And now that I’ve written that, I’m not very proud of it, either. It is a necessity, though, for anyone who is in business: easy to rationalize. And it’s so much fun to engage in, personally! On the other hand, those relationships will always be there, right? Hmm.

But something’s missing, isn’t it? The social and interactive “direct access” connection we get and give by spending time with someone in person. Even Skype and Face Time don’t have the same impact as physically being with someone. We are missing the 100% communication-ability that happens when we are immediately connected with one’s face, body, body language and voice!!

I am going to challenge you and challenge myself today. My challenge is to contact someone who we don’t know very well to meet up someplace and do lunch or coffee or something like that. And actually follow through!! I have a feeling that this type of socializing is a dying art in our world – and one that needs to be revived for our sense of well-being and connectedness!

How are you with the social media thing? I’ve heard some speak lately of wanting to cut back on the social media, that they really don’t feel it is adding a whole lot to their lives. What are your thoughts?

The next post will be an update! Happy social-not media-izing!